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Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale

The Turkey Trot Fiasco That Nearly Roasted My Finish!


For all of you who read the most recent THREAD MB, you know that I was planning on running in this year's annual Turkey Trot sponsored by Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale in Madison, Connecticut.  You know this because so many of you took the time to read one of my most popular posts "Stephen Colbert’s Writer Perfectly Describes My Turkey Trot Experience Cometh!" which made you aware.  What you don't know, however, is how the trot turned out -- one which will definitely go down in my personal history as no fish tale but a real one that had me laughing after-the-fact, but during...not so much!


As two of the runners who were supposed to join me in the trot, ultimately did not (both for valid reasons), I didn't let that unexpected news curb my enthusiasm in any way. My youngest daughter was there to cheer me on and her sweetness in braving the cold morning was all I needed to warm my heart and inspire my best effort.  A half-n-hour of small talk between and a pat on an adorable silver Labrador Retriever's head and I made my way over to the starting line with the rest of the runners.


The race began within seconds after the playing of the National Anthem. I tackled it with vigor.  My pace was perfect and my stamina, strong.  I was determined to beat last year's time and so far, it looked good.  To add to my already intense motivation, I was listening to a Youtube video by Gary Vaynerchuk, whose no bullshit attitude and advice I adore.  An eighth of the way into the race, I couldn't have felt better.  Then it happened!


Another runner did the unthinkable.  She flat-tired me from behind and nearly pulled off my entire sneaker.  I stumbled, then regained my composure, horrified and in complete disbelief...especially as she mouthed an apology and flew on by me. 


My eyes widened in sheer dismay.  It took all the grace I could muster to keep my tongue in check!  With nothing left to do but exit the race momentarily to re-secure my sneaker to my foot and recapture my composure, I quickly and carefully, did so.  I then jumped back into the race, vowing to make up the time if at all possible but realizing how challenging that would be given the full minute it took to actually tie my sneaker back onto my foot. "Oh, well, be grateful that it is a beautiful day, you are here, and life is good," I consoled myself as I rejoined the others and adopted a comfortable pace that would, most certainly, guarantee a respectable finish.  


I ran, enjoyed the scenery and continued to take in the words of Gary Vee with every step. As the clock ticked, I moved closer to the finish line, finally spotting the digital timer that was unvailing the personal achievement of each and every runner runner this year.  My eyes widened in amazement as I came closer and began to surmize mine.


You want to know how my run ended up?  I beat last year's time by seconds, a time I had been enormously proud of when I first achieved it.  This year, I was not only proud but astonished and beside myself with excitement as well.  Had you seen me, you would have thought that I had just wiped the floor with Usain Bolt, himself. 


Nope, definitely not a fish tale but a Turkey Trot to remember and a tribute to the importance of "never giving up" esepcially when facing odds that find you briefly flat-footed and in need of, once again, proving to yourself that you are more eagle, less turkey!


It's a great way to begin a holiday season and a new year -- a story everyone can, undoubtedly, relate to, learn from, and chuckle at.

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