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Unvaxxed: Global Study Shares Why 15% Of The U.S. Won’t Have A Valentine This Year


(Originally Seen In Conservative Daily News)

Plenty of single, unvaccinated people living in the United States won’t be sharing Valentine’s Day with anyone this year…and probably for many years to come. Why? Because only 15% of the U.S. population remains unvaccinated.  And given many of the singles among them will only date other unvaccinated people, pickings are slim and odds, against them – a plight hardly indicative of the United States alone.  

It’s a global phenomenon that I anticipated early on in the pandemic, which I wrote about in this viral post–Unvaccinated Single Women Say ‘No’ To Vaccinated Single Men (American Thinker). The response spanned as far as Poland, with a Polish nurse sending me this video “Clean Blood/Women Say No” based upon my insights into the matter. 

WIth so many unknowns about the vaccine from the moment it came out, the lack of transparency and history to reference, a  “medical apartheid” seemed to emerge whereby the unvaccinated were forced to cope with prejudice from the elites and the vaccinated for their stance that was “high or even higher than towards social groups who have traditionally been discriminated against, such as immigrants, ex-convicts and drug addicts” according to a recent global study.

Vaccinated on one side and unvaccinated on the other, the separation has impacted all kinds of social relationships, notwithstanding friendships but especially dating. As new information arises in relation to the vaccine, the concerns of the unvaccinated continue to grow, making them additionally unwilling to risk their ‘health and wellness’ today or in the future and not to mention that of possible offspring. It is an uncomfortable situation to live in, feeling suddenly marginalized for your views and your right to self-protect.

A difficult environment that just became multiple times harder, plenty of unvaccinated singles have given up on dating altogether, leading to the question “will unvaccinated semen go the way of unvaccinated blood” in potential demand and worth?”  If things continue on as they are currently, my prediction would be "yes."  It may all sound very clinical but none of the unvaccinated’s rationale for their decision to remain unvaccinated in any way negates their desire to fall in love or enjoy the benefits of engaging in a romantic relationship.  Love is as essential to the human condition as food and water. Thinking you may never have it again under normal circumstances is extremely sad.  Thinking that you may not because you differ in opinion and choice from the majority and now must endure being penalized for that in numerous ways is devastating.  

As this big vaccine monkey wrench has left little unturned, I saw in it an opportunity in the form of an app, one that could reunite the unvaccinated and the vaccinated across the United States with an end result similar to that which was concluded in the noted study above, although I hardly needed that study to foresee where we were headed, obviously. I saw the writing on the wall when I decided to create the ZNEEX app. Refusing to perpetuate the divide, I wanted to design an app that actually brought people together whether it be for friendship or love, refashioning the building blocks of community by way of cohesion, elevated vaccine-preference, and walking.  

A platform where everyone had (and has) a place, I knew that if we empowered people in a way that re-established comfort and community in their own lives, we had a shot at doing the same on a larger scale again.  Effectively, singles who fall into that 15% unvaccinated community increase the possibility of finding love their way as do those who fall into the 85% vaccinated community and anyone in between. Same goes with friendship across the board whether single or not.  

In my opinion, the road to peace begins with respect, acceptance, and undoubtedly love. And as Valentine’s Day is devoted to the celebration of all three, every one of us benefits from nobody being left out in the cold. Now more than ever, I see this as our nation’s way home for when you have all three, you listen more and endeavor to broadly understand differing viewpoints readily. The stage we set is one of construction not destruction. It is this that offers the most hope of putting the United States and our world back together. 

And imagine, I didn’t need a study to tell me so. Nice to have one in your back pocket anyway.

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