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"The Challenges Of Dating" As Shared With Me At My First Book Signing


It has been an interesting week following the release of my second book "What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating."

My publisher, Post Hill Press, and I hit the ground running for certain as we watched our book continue its already existing and powerful trend across college and university campuses, both in the United States and internationally.  Some of those names of which we know that will soon be joining the burgeoning list of like reviews: Minnesota State University, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Arizona, the University of Melbourne (Australia) to name a few.  


And then there was the surprising news (at least to me) that "What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating" refused to remain U.S. bound long, rather choosing to flee the country to additional retailers located in such countries as the U.K., France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil.  Who knew that this book would go skipping along so expeditiously?


Another unexpected happening was the mass emergence of numerous single women - ages fifty and over - on my metaphorical doorstep, all seeking answers as to how to resume dating at this later stage in their lives.  The pervasive and overwhelming nature of this quandary befuttles many wonderful and date-worthy dames, all of whom just don't know how to get "back into the game" or understand what that "game" actually is all about for them today.  Having spent countless years married and raising children, only to currently find themselves divorced or widowed with empty nests, time on their hands, and the strong desire to assume the next stage in their lives, many (oh so many) of these women are floundering. 


This conversation, alone, became the central discussion at my recent book signing at Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore on the eve of February 14th.  And the passion, frustration, and worry that filled the room startled even my own boyfriend, having never heard the chalenges endured by the "other" side before, first-hand.  It made me think of the usefulness and increased understanding that would arise between single men and single women given discussion involving both were more prevalent.


No doubt, society, media, and entertainment concentrate a great deal on the evolving dating patterns and struggles among our youth (all legitimite and equally as monumental in their own right) but rarely do they cast light on the topic when it comes to women 50+, except maybe in AARP -- to which I say, "Bravo."  And yet, dating at this age - for women and men - truly offers so much fun, mutual fulfillment, and personal satisfaction for both. 


Now out-from-under some of the largest stressors in life that go along with raising families and affording to do so, women relish their freedom and own the right to figure out who they are at this place in their lives.  Unfortunately, many women, upon facing these circumstances, find themselves stalemated by their own misguided beliefs (or fears).  Their bucket-lists well in hand, they grow ever more frustrated by not having a Dick in their beds or by their sides to shuttle them forward, offer needed companionship or answer the mounting questions of even knowing how to meet a gent.  The need to talk about this issue by  and among women is enormous. I kid you not.


It's an interesting nerve to have hit and dialogue to share as I continue on my journey ahead -- one I had never expected to take, quite frankly...but then again, so goes the origins of "What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating."  I had never expected to write this book either, but here I am.  And so goes my unique and curious gallop forward. 


"Saddle up," I say (and if you don't know what I'm referencing), this link will explain it all.  


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