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"What To Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating: If He Wants You, You Will Know It"

(Exclusive Excerpt)


"I never knew "dick" about dating. That's why I relied on experts and I was "Married At First Sight." I still don't know "dick" about dating, but I've been happily married for over three years. Because I'm happy in my relationship, my friends seem to think that I have all sorts of good advice. Finally, I have something in my back pocket to prove them right. When they ask for my advice, I'll just send them this book. They'll thank me later." (Jamie Otis, Reality Personality, Married At First Sight (FYI), Jewelry Designer/Entrepreneur)

"It's about time single women everywhere had a book like this." (Vikki S. Ziegler, Esq., Reality Personality, Untying the Knot (Bravo), Author)


...and more!

     Every woman wants to know who she is dealing with and, ultimately, sleeping with when dating, and one side of this is knowing what your Dick does when he is outside of your range of observation. As much as he will tell you about himself, you can learn a ton more from unexpected instances like these, as well as through stories from others who know him today and have known him for years.

     However the disclosure comes, grab it, think it through, then file it in the folder that you are keeping, the one which will help you to determine whether or not you will begin month number four as his official girlfriend. That said, realize that you won’t know everything about him in the first three months of dating. We all have years of living we bring into every relationship and, as much as I believe in full disclosure between dating individuals, especially of all of the monumental experiences that have shaped you in your life, I do suggest applying common sense to the timing of certain disclosures that may be a bit more difficult to explain—the ones that might just send either Dick or you packing.

     For instance, I once agreed to have dinner with a gentleman who told me a very unnerving story, the details of which caused me enormous concern. Now successful, he attributed the origins of his success to a time in his life when he was so poor that he had to eat his own fishing bait to survive. Poor fishing skills combined with unfortunate circumstances left him down and out as well as hungry. He would eventually turn his life around and, at the time of our dinner, owned a thriving business. He also seemed relatively happy.

     It was quite a story to hear on a first date, and although I respected this gentleman’s determination, resourcefulness, and fortitude, the images of him eating his own bait and living in the swamps with the alligators (it gets worse, I kid you not) could not be wiped clean. Even so, I did my best to listen without judgment. I then thanked him for dinner and went my separate way. It ultimately worked out for the best, I tell you, but I have found myself occasionally wondering what would have happened had he told me that very same story a few months later, after I had gotten to know him better. I could only guess that my shock would have been more manageable and my decision to see or not see him again, less hasty. Timing is everything in life and in dating.

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