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The Black & White Of Being A Youtube Influencer


Did you know that there are almost 300 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute?  300! That’s mind-boggling, on the one hand, and yet “rather believable”, on the other.  Let’s face it, folks, we love our Youtube in this country and we are but a smattering of the overall consumption pool.  In fact, eighty percent of Youtube video consumers arise from outside the United States.  We, here, tend to be the “uploaders”.  Thankfully, editing videos has been made easy these days and that’s a critical breakthrough for YouTubers. Does that make us vain or merely interesting as a nation?  Who knows.  That fact could mean a lot of things.  


For names like Jenna Marbles, TheFineBros, and Smosh (among others), what it means is a ton of money in the form of earned income and new-media mega-stardom.  Makes me wonder what career paths were recommended to these ladies and gents by the standardized career tests we are all made to take in high school as I don’t think “Global Youtube Sensation” is among the current possible results.  The test creators may have to change that now.


Whitney Black, undoubtedly, agrees.  As a the owner of Whitney Black’s Channel, this successful Youtuber shares just about anything that “tickles his fancy” daily and he does so while balancing the demands all Youtube influencers face against the challenges born by them for the very same reason.

Being an ‘influencer” is a responsibility and Whitney takes this seriously, just as seriously as he takes every one of the videos he uploads, including my recent ‘favorite’ found here, Awesome INSPIRATIONAL quotes compilation if you're HAVING A BAD  DAY!!


Widely known among Millennials, now it’s your turn through Whitney Black’s interview, below.


What is your personal mantra?

For years now, my mantra has been “Do unto others” or “Give and you shall receive”. In everything I do - online and off - I try to help others as much as possible!


Share a bit about you.

I’m a coffee lover, night owl, and Vlogger. I also love blogging and sharing my life with the world through the internet. I also donate to charity whenever I get the chance; I believe in helping the less fortunate. I enjoy meditation and using the ‘laws of attraction’ in my everyday life.


Share the name of your Youtube channel as well as the focus of your channel?

You can find me on YouTube under “Whitney Black” or the channel username “Http://”. My channel is basically a vlog channel, where I like to capture moments of my everyday life and share them with the world. I mix it up a little though; you can find some reviews, comedy and also inspirational videos on my channel as well.


What drove you to become a Youtube personality and influencer?

I started YouTube in 2009 as a hobby. I thought making videos was fun. I didn’t start taking it seriously until a couple of years ago, though. I decided I wanted to inspire people and share my life with the world as well as turn it into a business.


How many followers are, currently, in your audience?

Including my YouTube channel and all my social media channels, there are about 130,000 followers in my audience, currently.


Is there a particular common profile among your fans?

I tend to attract a lot of millennials – people in their 20’s, college students, etc.  


How demanding is it to run a Youtube channel?

It can be very draining and exhausting, at times. I find myself getting burned-out and I have to take breaks from uploading. Creating content on a daily basis is challenging. You have to really put a lot of energy into your content if you want to keep fans engaged. You have to have a true passion that shows through in your work.


What are the benefits of being a Youtuber?

It offers me freedom to live a life I want to live. It is easy to reach a large amount of people with my message, and the potential to create a lucrative business is also very nice.


What have you found to be the best social media platform to promote your channel?

For the most part, I feel like I get the best results from Twitter. It’s my largest following and it’s easy to reach a lot of people that way.


Name three Youtube personalities and influencers you follow. 

1. My top would be PewDiePie. I love his vlogging style, it’s very entertaining and his style is what I aspire for.

2. RiceGum. He’s another vlogger. I love his videos they are very entertaining as well.

3. Casey Neistat creates awesome content. Very skilled at his craft and his vlogs are one of the reasons I started getting serious about YouTube.


Share a social cause or cause-based organization close to your heart.

Any cause related to U.S. Veterans is very close to my heart. I really care about our Veterans and I frequently donate to these organizations. I believe Veterans should have a good life and not have to worry about basic things such as shelter and income.


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as someone who touched the lives of many people, helped them, inspired them, and made them laugh. Someone who made their lives better in some way.


Isn’t it good to know who is influencing your kids through the second largest search engine next to papa Google.  ‘One billion unique monthly visitors’ don’t lie and neither do I, which is the reason Whitney Black was an obvious choice for our Spotlight section this week.  Whitney is a Youtuber and voice you want your kids to hear.  His words are sound and his delivery, spot on!  Need I say more?

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