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Shelly Shepherd is one of the most outrageous mom bloggers around.  Unfiltered and full of fun, her blog 100 THINGS 2 DO is the “go-to” blog for moms looking to get their creative juices flowing, whether it be around the holidays or everyday.


This mom of two who suddenly found herself unemployed due to a “corporate downsizing” of sorts, Shelly all but ran in fear at the idea of being stuck at home with her two young girls all summer long remiss of anything to do.   Her solution became a series of lists which she would construct and later share with others.  The success of her first compilations - “100 things to do for Summer” and “100 things to do for Fall” - led Shelly to launch her blog as well as throw any plans to return to the corporate world out the window.  


“I realized what I’ve been missing in not being home for my girls.  100 THINGS 2 DO has allowed me to change all that while providing me the self-fulfillment of being my own boss along with the excitement of marketing -- a passion of mine. “


Admittedly, if Home Depot showed up on Shelly’s doorstep, she may consider becoming part of that company’s team while continuing to blog, but short of that, Shelly’s professional future continues to evolve 100 steps at a time, including a new book “100 THINGS TO DO-CHRISTMAS.”  Her first book, Shelly is eager to see the response to her newest endeavor, believing that every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.


“If you worry about failure, you will never try anything.  Not everyone is Martha Stewart and my fans seem to like me for my honesty, in that, I’m not either.”


As most of her followers seem to like to cook and clean, Shelly remarks how opposite she seems to be from them in this regard.  She also marvels at the irony in her propensity to swear like a sailor when her fan-base seems to be of a more conservative nature.  My thinking is that Shelly offers an unguarded outlet her fans enjoy, just as they enjoy the colorfulness and novelty of her blog.   


Shelly claims that her biggest asset in blogging is her willingness to make an “ass of herself.”  She is also a much harder boss on herself than one she has ever had before and works 24/7 to bring the best she can to 100 THINGS 2 DO each day.  Shelly’s overall goal is to help her readers begin their days with smiles and giggles -- to start each morning on an upbeat note.


I can tell you that the day I interviewed Shelly ended on an upbeat note for me as the time I spent speaking with her kept me grinning all the way through to bedtime.  Shelly is an enormously positive personality that coaxes a chuckle out of you the moment you encounter her.  


She is definitely a blogger who is perfect for “sleigh” riding through the stress-filled moments of the winter season.  I’d suggest familiarizing yourself with her and 100 THINGS 2 DO as soon as possible and keeping both close as you move into the New Year.  She’s a jolly ol’ elf worth keeping around even when this year’s Christmas memories come to a close.  


And you know what they say, “It’s good luck to keep one Christmas decoration out all year long.”  I think Shelly is it.


Enjoy keeping up with her at 100 THINGS 2 DO,


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